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Rush In Art Academy provides quality academic art training for kids 6-year-old and older. We hold group art classes for kids and teens and private classes for adults. We help with creating art portfolios for colleges. You can celebrate birthdays with us and spend school breaks and summer with us.

Rush In Art Academy uses a very classical academic approach to teaching drawing, painting, sculpture, composition, calligraphy, stained glass, pottery on the wheel, jewelry, mosaic and silk painting.

The lesson plans include short story, depends on a topic, instructions, demonstration and practical stage, when students produce their own art works. Step by step instruction, individual approach, teachers’ samples for every subject and the samples from their peers allow students to succeed at any level of their skills. If you plan for continues education, we will start with basis of realistic study and gradually bring you to the master level. We will teach you or your kid to express yourself or him/her self independently.

We have ongoing classes with a break only for major holidays. Classes are built around all kind of different topics and techniques rotated. All special art techniques classes happen during school breaks and summer. We can also do it any time with preformed group of yours by your request. The same is true for home school groups.

We have a lot of ready projects for the art educators with detailed instructions, samples and the list of materials needed.

Rush In Art Academy is home-based studio in Ann Arbor. The teaching is happening in very informal friendly environment in small cozy groups by a professional artist and teacher of many years who gets her master’s degree in Fine Art in Russia, the motherland of realistic drawing and painting.

The project kids produce in the class are always original! No coloring books, crafts and cut and paste projects! Although, for younger kids we use carrot and stick approach: original pre-drawing first and millions of known medias, techniques and materials on the top of that pre-drawing, second. The classes are 2-hour long and in order to keep young kids focused we make them switch the attention to different aspects of multi-stepped projects couple times per class. We keep EVERYBODY happy!