Summer 2021

Week Time Topic Age
6/21-25 11-1:30 Clay. 7+
7/12 - 16
10–12:30 Mosaics and study of Gaudi
7/19 - 23 11- 1:30 Taste of everything in art with references to art history.
8/2 - 6 11- 1:30 Bookbinding and basket weaving.
8/16 - 20 11- 1:30 Glass. Taste of different techniques. with references to art history.


The offered camps will depend on situation with Covid-19 and may be changed to Zoom version with possible change of subject.

For one week of the art camp students will experience themselves in painting, clay modeling, drawing or crafts. Every day for all camps will consist of 30- minute lecture in art history, two hours of working with art medium presented on the particular week with a little break for snack. The projects will be based on and inspired by the artist of the day or art period in history of the day.

10 % discount is applied for siblings.

Extra $100 material fee will be charged for Mosaics camp and Glass camp.

Two-and-a-half hour camps are $200+ material fee if applicable per person.


Snack is provided.

Different time, topic and age category could be discussed with parents, and groups could be adjusted by age depend on enrollment.

More classes will be opened upon request with the pre-formed group of minimum 4 students.

We need at least 4 students enrolled to run a camp, otherwise it will be cancelled.

If you want to discuss any changes in dates, time and topic and have a pre-formed group, feel free to call 734-288-8058, there is nothing written in stone.

Flexibility is our credo!


These are some other media we can teach upon agreement:

1. Painting (tempera, acrylics, oil, watercolors, silk)

2. Drawing

3. Basketweaving

4. Clay modeling

5. Clay coloring/glazing of dishes or other clay shapes.

6. Stained glass

7. Silk painting

8. Portfolio preparation

9. Printmaking

10. Air brush painting.

11. Bookbinding

12. Leather craft

and more!

For some of them additional fee is charged for expensive materials.

Call with questions: 734-288-8058


Art camps' topics



Mosaics and study of Gaudi




Taste of everything in art 




Clay head life-size for 10+/ small clay projects for younger students







 Glass. Taste of different techniques