Nataliya Pryzant is a local artist, originally from Ukraine. She studied art in Kiev Academy of Art, which she graduated from in 1990 with honors. Nataliya participated in a lot of Europian art shows, has been traveling around the world and finally has resided in Ann Arbor.

She lives here last 21 years, creating her paintings and teaching art at Rudolf Steiner High School. Nataliya has a broad variety of interests; she loves to explore new techniques and medias. You can see her painting, sculpturing, making stained glass panels, carving stones, making prints and much more. She is mostly interested in the exploring people’s inside and brining soul in the portrait drawing and painting. She loves to draw ingenuous, natural, joyful faces of the youth and wise and beaten with life older people. She sees beauty in everything and brings it to us in form of her paintings.


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She is happy to pass her knowledge and artistic skills of more than 30 years to future generation and share it with her own generation. She has been teaching for more than 25 years and knows her way around children. She has individual approach to each student, can feel the strong and weak spots in her or his artistic skills and does the magic of turning weaknesses in strengths. She is very open-minded and let kids and adults express their feelings and visions in their unique way, instead of pursuing her own opinion as a rule. Kids love to come to her place, feeling safe as at home, excited about trying something new every class, confident in producing something memorable and sure that they will get as much help as they need any time they need it.